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Setting up qualified appointments settings

Direct Sales

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Outbound Call Centre Service – Direct Sales, Tactical Team

Discover your potential for opportunities.

Phone prospecting is by far the most effective way to generate new business opportunities and convert your web leads into clients.

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Setting up qualified appointments

Our team is dedicated to call volume, allowing your sales force to focus on what they do best: SELL.

  • Lead generating campaign strategy
  • Identification and qualification of prospects
  • Sending documentation
  • Setting up and confirming appointments
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Tracking prospection statistics

"Phone prospecting remains, even today, the most effective way to generate qualified leads."

Direct Sales

Our team manages some or all of your sales development.

  • Conversion strategy
  • Identification and qualification of prospects
  • Sale and confirmation
  • Tracking results statistics

Lead Nurturing and
Pipeline Management

Our team coordinates and performs actions to maintain an active relationship with your potential customers and identifies opportunities for the short, medium, and long term.

  • Lead nurturing strategies
  • Following up and sending documentation
  • Setting up and confirming appointments
  • Managing sales pipeline
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Tracking prospection statistics

Database Qualification and
Corporate Profiling

Our team will make sure your database is up to date and obtain the market intelligence necessary for sales and marketing.

  • Qualifying and updating databases
  • Identifying decision makers
  • Identifying buying cycles and calendars
  • Identifying unrealized opportunities and market tendencies


Whether it’s training sessions, seminars or launches, our team ensures that your events are a success.

  • Identification and qualification of invitees
  • Attendance and confirmation
  • Sending documents
  • Tracking attendance statistics


Our team conducts a variety of different surveys according to the needs of your sales and marketing teams

  • Developing or adapting questionnaires
  • Performance testing
  • Calling
  • Final report and recommendations

A Tactical Team

With ID Impact, you will benefit from a full team built around your organization. You will have a call centre manager and a team of phone sales experts at your disposal. We have the size and resources necessary to accommodate your needs, whether they’re permanent, partial, or punctual. From strategy to execution, we’re here for you.

Senior Manager Accredited francophone and anglophone agents Calls made from our Montreal offices Learn more

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